Modesty, Miss – Seven #SexySnippets on #MySexySaturday with #SaturdayScenes

Demelza Carlton's Place

Motorcycles, mermaids and MMA – in the 1920s, no less. It shouldn’t surprise many people to learn that this will be part of my Ocean’s Gift series – but a prequel, set before most of the events in the series as it exists today. Turbulence and Triumph is a set of three novellas. This week’s snippet comes from the first book, Ocean’s Justice. The ship’s apprentice is about to get more than he bargained for in today’s seven snippets:

Ocean's Justice cover A choking noise made me look up at Charlie’s red face. He seemed to be staring at my chest. “Um, miss…Maria? The Captain found some clothes for you, seeing as you don’t have any. Men’s clothes, as we’re all men here. To protect your…modesty, miss.” The boy reddened further as his hands described the curves he couldn’t tear his eyes away from.

Seven sentences from Ocean’s Justice for My Sexy Saturday and…

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