Don’t Sweat The Things You Can’t Fix


I’ve suffered for most of my adult life with anxiety and depression. It’s sometimes very debilitating, sometimes controllable, but always lurking in the shadows. I don’t take medication, so I consider myself one or the “lucky ones”, and my heart goes out to anyone I hear who lets this “thing” win, or control them .


Now, this post isn’t about coping with depression, I just wanted you to know, you’re not alone in the never-ending battle.


Today, this glorious Saturday, I’m going to breathe and enjoy. I’m getting out into the garden to smell the roses (literally) and then I’m going to clean my floors indoors!


I hope today is your day to push aside the fears and tears. I hope with all my heart that knowing I’m here to reach out to, helps in some small way.

Love and light!

Mich xx

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