Introducing Valentine

Okay ladies! Thought I’d have a bit of fun and introduce you all to Valentine.
I won’t post too much, and will probably not put the snippets in order, because that might give away the story! But I do hope you enjoy falling inlove with Valentine 🙂


‘Hi ladies,’ he says. Just like that. Just perfect. His voice is heavenly, really, like one of those voice-overs that sound like they’ve come from a Greek God, only his accent isn’t Greek, I’m sure I can hear a slight Irish burr. To be honest, who cares what nationality he is – he has olive skin and smouldering brown eyes – oh boy. ‘We get free drinks for band members and friends, so these are for you,’ he adds as he places a tray of ‘shooters’ on the table. He takes off his jacket and hangs it on the back of the chair – he’s staying.

Holy heavens, he called us friends! My heart is screaming like a silly school girl. I’m trying my hardest not to gawp at the panther stretched across the muscle on his forearm.

‘It’s Sarah, isn’t it?’ he says, looking at Sarah. He swings the chair around the wrong way and straddles it. 

‘Yeah, and this is Abbie,’ she replies, still grinning. I kick her foot under the table.

‘Hi Abbie. I missed you last week.’

I don’t know what to say. I can only stare at those perfect white teeth and full, soft, luscious lips.

My heart shouts at me, Say something smart!

‘Um, yeah, I was with my dad… um … fishing…’


‘Wow, you like fishing?’

‘Um, not much, but I was invited. I made a promise.’

‘Well, in that case, if you’re good at keeping promises, then promise me a dance later?’

‘Maybe,’ I say, as calmly as I can manage.

‘Hold on hot-rod, aren’t you going to give the lady your name?’ Sarah points out.

He smiles at me as though he’s inviting me to come and see just how deep the rabbit hole is.

‘Valentine Hewitt,’ he says.


Mich xx


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