The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge Hurts Book (3) by D.S. Williams

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The Nememiah Chronicles 3

Escaping from the Consiliului Suprem de Drâghici Vampiri was not easy.  Injuries to the Tines were horrendous.  Charlotte had another problem where it came to loving 2 men and deciding which one to be with…Lucas or Conal!  At the end she really only had one choice.  Time heals all but another attack was imminent.  Charlottes sleep yields a lot of information but does not help her get any rest.   At last, Charlotte found a place to keep them safe but how long will this last, only time will tell.  So many decisions to make for one so young, each one a mystery that has to be unravelled to get the answer.  Charlotte’s belief in having to put up with the dreams and nightmares so they are warned on what will happen next is a testament to her strength of character.  When they brought her dad in to save Charlottes life it…

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