The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge of Love Book 4 by D S Williams

I’m reading this series and it’s fantastic! Move over Twilight and Clockwork Series, Nememiah is here!

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I felt Charlottes anguish, shed tears and understood Charlotte’s heartache when she blamed herself on the death of Lucas and Conal.  Then finding one lived and the other did not, the pain was still unbearable.  What gift did Lucas give Charlotte that would cause joy and fright?  After 4 books my dislike for Archangelo is immense.  War is such a hard thing to face, add to the mix being young and having the supernatural around you and life is that much harder. I love when Charlotte uses her Sigil and the effect it has on her…I must admit I would not mind a couple myself!  There were times I actually laughed aloud and times I felt Charlottes anger.  I was there fighting with Charlotte, Gwyn and Gabrielle all the way and understood why they had to do what they did.  Things are starting to heat up for Charlotte and the…

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