Valentine’s Day new release!

Infinite Completion – Michelle Dennis


Isn’t it strange how life can change in an instant? Through one small decision, your world can be turned upside down.

This is exactly what happens to Abbie Bennet when she joins her friends at a local bar for a few drinks – something she rarely does.

Sweat, alcohol and loud music – three things she thinks shouldn’t be mixed together, and to top it off, there’s a really hot guy demanding her attention.

The lead singer of the band playing at the bar, with an obvious interest in Abbie, is everything her mother (and intuition) warns her against. But, this guy is God-like – and his name is Valentine! How does a good-girl resist?


Valentine has the kind of life she knows she doesn’t fit into, but when their eyes meet something is ignited with such ferocity that Abbie’s world is pushed way off balance.

This gorgeous man with the brooding eyes, tattoos, motor-bike and shattered past, proclaims his love for her. But, can she allow her heart to trust again? And will Valentine forgive himself for things beyond his control?


Love is a splendid thing, isn’t it? And when it knocks your world upside down, pulls you deep under water and takes your breath away, it will surely last for  infinity – right?


The Infinity Series starts Feb 14, 2015 – watch this space!


Xx Mich


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