Rambling Thoughts

Tomorrow is the beginning of The End of 2014!

December begins and the year falls away with feelings of relief. It’s been a tough year, for reasons I won’t go into, but as tomorrow appears gently over the horizon, so do feelings of hope and wonder.


The new year will be here soon. And I honestly feel I’m about to cross the finish line of a long, hot marathon. Bursting with sweat, brimming with exhaustion and gasping for air. What will this new year bring? Who knows! All I can do is make a wish, hope for dreams to come true and be thankful, everyday, for life’s treasures that I already have.


I can strive for things I’d like to happen, like publishing two more books, moving to a new home, buying a small investment property in the country, being a better mum and developing my self some more. Yes, these things I will strive for, and hope to achieve, but nothing is certain.

And at the end of this marathon year, I hold dear, my beautiful friends and family; who ran beside me, my daughters; who held my hand, my mum and sister; who cheered me on from the sidelines and my true love and soul-mate; who was the wind at my back.


Xx Mich

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