A Week of Awesome Reviews for The Nememiah Chronicles

One of my very favourite series for 2014 and I’ve heard there will be book #5 coming soon!

D.S. Williams

I’ve had a great week of reviews for The Nememiah Chronicles, and I was so excited about them… I had to share:

The Nememiah Chronicles – Knowledge Quickening (Book 2)

Nememiah 2 AmazonFirst a vampire, now a werewolf…life certainly gets interesting for Charlotte as desperate circumstances force her to choose to do things she never thought possible. Far from suicidal, now she’s determined to do anything she can to live. Ah, but that’s where the bonds of love, loyalty and blood come in…

Ooh, it’s so hard not giving any spoilers in this review, given you really MUST start by reading the first book (Knowledge Revealed) before starting this one.

Demons, shapeshifters, werewolves, vampires and a warlock make appearances in this book – as Charlotte discovers that one human girl might just be able to hold her own among all these mythical creatures…

Five stars. Sorry, I’m too impatient to write a…

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