Reflecting on my 2014


I’ve thought long and hard about what 2014 was to me.

It was a hard year, emotionally. We lost a colleague to cancer; he left behind a wife and two children. I witnessed a very dear friend lose her brother-in-law to cancer; he left behind a wife and two small children. I stood, helplessly, and watched my grandmother pass away after a long struggle with Alzheimer’s; a beautiful lady who deserved so much better. And, I saw my very dear friend suffer through a nervous breakdown; which she has conquered. Amongst these personal heartaches, there has been the constant troubles of the world flashing across social media and television – which I am very sensitive to. So, yes, it was a tough year to cope with. BUT, I am not going to dwell on this. I am going to reflect on the blessings that 2014 brought to me.

January and February saw in the new year with the prospect of my dear husband’s 50th birthday. I’d planned a surprise holiday for the two of us (leaving the teenagers home to care for the house!). We set off on a flight to Singapore which was to be the departing place for The Mariner of the Seas cruise ship (Royal Caribbean Cruises) and our 7 day holiday began. From Singapore – Kuala Lumpa – Penang – Phuket – and back to Singapore, we ate more than we thought possible, swam, shopped and filled up on cocktails. It was our first time travelling to these beautiful Asian places and doing it in absolute luxury.


On arriving home from our fabulous holiday we prepared to celebrate the engagement of our eldest boy to his true love. It had started out to be a great year!


The year was set to be a good one. I had no real complaints and things were really looking up for my writing too.

My involvement with a great bunch of fellow writers kept me on track with getting Infinite Completion finished and the cover came up beautifully.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00014]

I’d even made it into the local news with my fundraising efforts for the children’s hospital. My workplace encouraged me to do an interview with our Public Relations team and I’d found myself selling more copies to work colleagues and local residents, all wanting to be a part of the fundraising venture. I was blown away with the support and generosity of everyone involved!


Wolfbaene was doing well and there was to be a couple of festivals where my characters and I would make an appearance (with the help of my fantastic family and friends).


With 40 something copies sold, the Wolfbaene team and I were exhausted! What a weekend it was, mixing with the weird and wonderful people of Supanova 2014. It also happened to be my birthday, so it made my first ‘real’ book signing extra special (even with the flu building up inside).

Late June/early July was to be a terrible time, health-wise, and I fell ill with a flu which swept through my home and workplace with a vengeance. It didn’t dampen my Wolfbaene team’s spirits though, as we planned to make our next appearance at the Balingyup Medieval Carnivale 2014 and a local primary school for Book Week (another 80 books sold).

ABC newsBalingupMedieval14OrrinBalingupMedieval14



As winter began to disappear, so did the flu, and I started to feel better. My daughter completed her Nial Technician certificate and I now had my own Nail Tech! (at my fingertips 🙂 ) The year  was passing so quickly and Wolfbaene had now celebrated it’s first birthday. As I mentioned earlier, the coming months would see loved ones leaving this life and my spirits weren’t as high as I’d like. September and October were horrible months, but on the first of November, my beautiful cousin from far away said ‘I do’ to her long-time love, so this was the beginning of a nicer part of the year. What I took from the low part of 2014 was that people are strong. My dear friend fell ill with a breakdown, my other friend lost her brother-in-law to brain cancer and I was dealing with my own demons – but we all made it through.

Babcia14Aunty T and Alicia

While I was sick and struggling with life, I read some fantastic books, planned the cover for my next Wolfbaene novel, The Next Quest, and finished Infinite Completion. I often feel as though I’m insignificant. I feel anxious about how my day will pan out and worry a lot about how people see me. But then I look at my family and friends (even on social media) and I feel important.

Mr Dennis and I had two great concerts too! Mariah Carey and Anthony Callea too!


Then watched my gorgeous nephew graduate primary school.


2015 is set to be another huge year for my writing career and I’m ready for it!


Finding Evanbookshop 2wpid-wp-1413627215812.jpegChristmas Wedding at the Gingerbread CafeMel Goes to Hell Coverwpid-screenshot_2014-11-16-15-01-25-1.pngTornSoulsSeries14GreatZooOfChina14

As December passes and we say goodbye to 2014, I feel blessed with what I was given, not sad about what I wasn’t.  I work in the best place, with the nicest people. I have the best friends a girl could ask for (especially the gorgeous EWG cult).


I am married to my soul-mate, I have beautiful children and a loving family.


I have had a great year with my writing and even won a beautiful locket!


2015 will see the Dennis family move house and Infinite Completion released, and I’m planning for a year of magic. And who knows, even another cruise!


Thank you all for loving me and supporting me.


Happy New Year xx Mich


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