New Release – Kross Out 2 by Rhys Flint

D.S. Williams


TITLE: Kross Out 2

AUTHOR: Rhys Flint

GENRE: Urban Fiction

PUBLICATION: January 16, 2015

COVER DESIGNER:Dynasty’s Cover Me

Fate sends Devin on a journey to find answers for his employer. He winds up with answers to questions he never knew he had…
Flacco comes into his own after being schooled by his father in his role in the family business. He’s come a long way from street Hustla to cartel prince…
Portia’s complicated life is intertwined between Devin and Flaccos. Find out who’s really the puppet master in this stunning sequel…Kross Out 2
“Hey.” Devin said, walking into the room.

Portia was sitting on an ottoman with a glass of wine in one hand and a picture of Foxx and Devin at a Falcon’s game in the other. There were pictures of Foxx all over with an array of people. He seemed to know everyone.

“Hey, yourself.” Portia responded…

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