Pink Ribbon is my chosen Charity


*** I need your help to raise awareness & funds for @pinkribbonfound with my contemporary romance Infinite Completion in 2015. Why give away some of my money (the very small amount I might make) AGAIN?
As Wolfbaene readers will know, we raised $2500 for Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital this year. While my not~so~great publisher paid very little in royalties, Team  Wolfbaene had a fantastic year selling copies at festivals and local schools. Being able to give back to the kids (and their families) was amazing and I’m ready to do it all again!

I’m fortunate to have not yet been touched by breast cancer, but I know many gorgeous ladies who have (in one way or another) ~ I’m doing this for them.

So, if you have a blog, Twitter account, website and Facebook page which you’re able to share Infinite Completion on, please DO ~ cancer sucks big time and if we can use my book to raise money for families affected, victims and studies into prevention, then LETS DO IT 🙂 ***

Pre-order your Valentine for Valentine’s Day!


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