No More – Seven #SexySnippets on #MySexySaturday with #SaturdayScenes

Demelza Carlton's Place

Maria’s learning to understand more of what William says…and to respond, too. This week’s snippet comes from the first book in the Turbulence and Triumph series, Ocean’s Justice, which is currently free. My heroine has just watched a man shave for the first time in her life in today’s seven snippets:

Ocean's Justice cover I gasped at the transformation. Gone was the stubble at his throat, the neatly trimmed beard on his chin and the bristly moustache that had adorned his upper lip. His face looked as smooth as mine and I wanted to touch him. I wanted to know what it felt like to kiss him without the tangle of facial hair he’d worn since the day we’d met.

As William buttoned up his shirt, he said, “When we reach shore, I’ll help you find your family so you can go home, where you’ll be safe.”

I shook my head. “No family…

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