Purgatory for Patrick and Persephone – Seven #SexySnippets on #MySexySaturday

Absolutely love this series! It’s fun and very hot… er, yes, HELL is hot and so is Luce! 🙂

Demelza Carlton's Place

To Hell and Back v3 low resThis week’s snippet is about sexy thoughts…both memories and thoughts for the future. A saint joins in the search for Persephone and it takes them all the way to Purgatory, via memory lane:

“Sure.” Patrick nodded and continued, “Anyway, she dragged her luggage over to the hire car desk and he didn’t see her again. That’s all my friend told me. Now, it’s only an hour or so’s drive from there to Omagh, so I figured I needed to go to Asda, too. I wandered around, grabbed a few things, and then went up the sweets aisle. The Toffee Crisps were on special and I remember you saying they don’t have those things in Australia, so I thought I’d see if I could get a box for you to take home, because I know how much you like them. There were only a couple left on the shelf, so I…

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