St Patrick Goes to Purgatory

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Saints are usually pictured as haloed and in Heaven, but legends say that Saint Patrick did a Dante and paid a visit to Purgatory and perhaps even Hell. Now, if you’d like to see how the present-day Patrick explains this in To Hell and Back, you can check that exclusive excerpt out HERE.
Ferns Cathedral St. Patrick by Catherine O'Brien Detail 2009 09 28
In approximately 445 AD, in between founding churches and working as a missionary in southern Donegal in Ireland, St Patrick is reputed to have visited a cave in the middle of a lake, where he spent time alone in penance and prayer.

Now, the legends about Patrick and this cave vary. Some say that he was frustrated by the difficulty of converting the people of Ireland, because they demanded proof of his teachings. When Patrick prayed for assistance, he was led (legends don’t say how) to a hole in the ground that was the entrance…

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