The Anticipation’s Killing Me – #RWDU15

Demelza Carlton's Place

The day before I release a book is nerve-wracking. It’s been through the hands of beta-readers (there’s always one who wants more sex…and it’s not necessarily the person you’d expect, either) and editors. I’ve taken a fine-tooth comb to it. Even threatened Lucifer with all sorts of things if he doesn’t wear pants to the launch…though he just laughed, saying he’s seen far worse than I can imagine in Hell.

My butterflies are multiplying on an exponential scale, though, because the day I release The Holiday From Hell is also the first day of Readers and Writes Down Under 2015, the first author event I’ve attended in person. I’ll be signing books – assuming I remember how to sign my name. And I don’t forget my name. I’ll be handing out swag that I, like all first-time-event attendees, went way overboard with. I’ll be sitting in front of a grinning…

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