Courage and Kindness, With a Little Bit of Magic

Yes, you may recognise these words from Cinderella. My daughter and I saw the latest Disney adaptation of this beautiful fairytale yesterday, and what a fabulous job they’ve done.
Most (if not all) little girls love fairytales; I was no exception. And if you’ve read Infinite Completion, you’d know Abbie lives and breathes the magic she finds in stories like Cinderella. They teach us about sadness, love, dreams and hope – and as we fall into the pages and connect with the characters, we learn about courage and kindness.


Some people might say I’m a day-dreamer, a little on the airy side of life, and I wouldn’t argue with that. I was raised on courage and kindness. On hopes and dreams. From a very young age, with a tremendously unstable childhood, one thing stood firm – the love from my mum. This love gave me courage and taught me how to be kind. And when we had very little money, exceptional hard times and fading hopes, I held tight to my fairytales.
Now, as a mother, I encourage my children to delve into books, read fairytales and learn from fictional characters, as well as real life.


With my young adult fantasy, Wolfbaene, I became the creator of my own fairytale. A book about love, hope, mateship and courage. A story set in a faraway land with friendly dragons, brave maidens and treacherous peril – a world inside my head!


Now, writing a romance series, I’ve created Abbie, keeping with the fairytale theme. I’ve enjoyed writing Abbie’s story, as I connected with her on so many levels, but now I’ll have to lift my game and remember to breathe, as I help Valentine write his.


For new comers to my weird and wonderful world,  here’s the link to my books

Courage and Kindness, with a little bit of magic!


Mich xx

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