A Sneak Peak from S.D. Wasley’s second book in ‘The Seventh Trilogy’

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The SeventhHave you already had the opportunity to read The Seventh?

Are you excited about finding out what happens next?

S.D. Washley has released an excerpt from the upcoming Book Two in the Trilogy!

EXCERPT – BOOK 2 (The Seventh trilogy).
Ms Deering looked different from usual when she entered the room. She was pale and her normally smiling mouth was set in a hard line.
“What’s wrong, Ms D?” Gabe asked immediately.
She shook her head. “Wait till everyone’s here.”
We exchanged glances and waited impatiently for Cassie, Ed and Patience to turn up. Ed got there a minute later, grinning his sunny grin, and Cassie finally arrived, looking grumpy as she threw down her satcheland dropped into her seat.
“Sorry,” she scowled. “Mr Rendall kept us in until we finished his algebra worksheet. It was impossible.”
“Cassie, please,” said Ms Deering, and Cassie closed her mouth, looking offended.

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