From The Dark Corners of The Writing Room

Since starting my writing venture I’ve always had one very real dread (actually a few, but one really big one) – talking in public about what goes on in my crazy head. The thing with writing is it is perceived as a solitary experience; a kind of escape and somewhat done in the dark corners of the room. Whilst I have found it to be something done as I push away the real world – and I certainly do retreat as I sit at my writing desk with my choice of beverage (depending on the time of day) – I have especially found it to be quite the opposite to a solitary experience. I, at one point or another, share the wonderful places of my imagination with others and am quite often overwhelmed by their excitement.

This brings me to my phobia. As an author of books filled with magic, adventure and love, I want nothing more than to share them with children and adults everywhere. However, to share these with others, I need to talk about my own adventure in becoming an author. I need to tell people about the fantastic characters who have blessed my imagination with their own adventures and I need to (and here’s where the knees go weak!) actually interact with large groups or interviewers. But, I have so much fun talking to children at primary schools and meeting people through festivals and book signings, that the dread I’ve been so afraid of feeling has been replaced with excitement.




In February, on Valentine’s Day, I released my first Contemporary Romance which has given me the opportunity to join the indie-author community. It’s a extraordinary group of authors from all over the globe who support each other and share in each other’s achievements.



For Wolfbaene readers, I have some very exciting news! I have the 2nd edition being released on June 8 with a fabulous new cover.




Last week, I took my writing venture to a new high and had an interview with a local journalist. I discovered that my dread for speaking about what goes on in my crazy head was not so bad and I could quite possibly do it again. Here’s the link!


Xx mich


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