Review: The Saffron Crocus by Alison McMahan

The Lit Bitch

In 1643 Venice, singing teacher Margherita introduces the young Isabella to the world of opera.

Isabella has wanted to sing in Monteverdi’s Choir but it’s only for boys.

But opera opens up all kinds of new doors for Isabella instead…..all thanks to Margherita.

Just when things are going well for Isabella, she finds Margherita murdered.

Isabella sets out to discover why…..but soon secrets start surfacing about Margherita’s past and her handsome son, Rafaele, might be the murderer’s next target.

Isabella and Rafaele team up and try to solve the murder before it’s too late! But when an attempt is made on Rafaele’s life, she suddenly finds himself arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.

Isabella must solve the mystery before Rafaele is wrongfully executed!

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