It’s my birthday! And I’m not gonna cry :)

I woke this morning (at 5am) to a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a large mug of coffee, brought to me by the one and only love of my life (yes, after 21 years he still makes my heart skip)


As I scanned Facebook (my morning news! ) I quickly realised today is going to be an emotional one. People (friends), some whom I’ve never met, are wishing a happy birthday and sending lots of love. It’s very overwhelming!

As I wait for my daughters to arrive, I thought I’d share my morning musings with you all. It’s been a tough year. A year of major milestones. From selling the family home to move closer to work, to saying ‘see you later’ to my grandmother who received her angel wings way too soon ~ It’s been a rollercoaster ride.


On a high note, I released my first romance novel and re-released my first young adult fantasy. Everyone close to me will tell you, I love ‘happy’ things ~ fairies, flowers, dragons, unicorns, pink, romance, candles, books, castles and most of all my family & friends ~ it feeds my imagination!



If you’d like to check out my books, here are the links

I also recently did my first interview with a local ‘up and coming’ journalist ~ it was great fun!

The new year, for me, promises weddings, a grand-daughter, a holiday and two more published books ~ so I’m ready for the next chapter!


I’m off now to spend the day with my mum and my two beautiful daughters!

Xx Mich


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