What Same Sex Marriage Means To Me

In March 1994, Australian cinemas saw the release of Philadelphia, a powerhouse drama sure to cause debate and raise many eyebrows. During this era the world had watched on helplessly as Aids begun to kill  hundreds and tare apart many more lives. Homosexuals and their rights to their partners was being discussed everywhere! Homosexual men and woman were watching their loved ones die and had no legal rights to anything involving this person they loved. I was 21. A young woman swept up in my own whirlwind of a romance with my now husband. I had no idea that in another 21 years the world would change so much. Homosexuality meant little to me. I couldn’t understand what the big deal was; people were just people. Who somebody had sex with was none of my business. Oh how ignorant I was!

Then Philadelphia happened. A young man fired from his job because of his disease and the lawsuit that followed, became part of my world and suddenly I realised that this was a very important issue. 1994 was the beginning of real change, a change I was going to take note of.

Now, in 2015 as I celebrate my 43rd birthday I am so proud of every single homosexual (and their friends & family) who fought to see the laws changed. It’s not just about a gay person ‘coming out’, it’s a historic ruling that says these couples are family to eachother by law. They have the same ‘rights’ legally as my husband and I. And this is important to me. 

I wrote Infinite Completion as a contemporary romance, set in 1994. And without conscious thought it shares the issue of homosexuality. I realise today, as history is written, the basic human right to love someone and marry is FINALLY being accepted; maybe not by everyone, but by many. We face terrorism, natural disasters, poverty, animal cruelty and so many heartaches, so to me, same-sex marriage is nothing short of a amazing achievement.


Social media is looking so beautiful with the rainbows everywhere!

Xx Mich


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