That Throbbing Thing – Seven #SexySnippets on #MySexySaturday with #SaturdayScenes

Demelza Carlton's Place

In the vein of keeping it sexy, week’s snippet comes from the sixth Turbulence and Triumph book, Ocean’s Birth, which was released this week. William’s bought his wife a surprise in today’s seven snippets:

Ocean's Birth cover William stood beside the Triumph as Jackson dismounted, spreading his arms wide. “What do you think, lass? This model has twin-shoe brakes instead of the dummy-belt rim ones my Triumph has. And this has the new low-pressure, wire-edged tyres which won’t jolt so much. The ride will be much smoother. The oil – ”

Pregnancy must have dulled my wits, for Sarah understood better than I did. She stormed down the steps. “Will, you’re a bloody fool! Buying your pregnant wife a motorcycle? What kind of crazed idea is that? You think she wants to ride that throbbing thing while she’s carrying your child in her belly? You’re a – ”

Wonderful, wonderful man. I…

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