August Favourites

Each to their Home xo

Hi Everyone!

It’s September?! Panic!!! I’m not really sure where August went, I feel like I blinked and missed the whole thing?! Today I’m going to talk you through my various August Favourites…This is my very first monthly favourites blog so i’m going to throw in a variety of everything.

1. “Always the Bridesmaid” by Lindsey Kelk.

I cannot express how great this book is. If i’m honest it takes a lot to get me to read a book and stick at it. I have the attention span of a gold fish so I can’t read novels or anything too in depth. In my own words this book is hilariously witty with a twist of heated romance. It really keeps you on your toes, whilst making you laugh out loud…quite literally! It’s a must read and I can’t recommend it enough.

Aug Favourites book

I also have two other books lined up ready to…

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