And Now, a Word (or two) from D.S.

D.S. Williams

You realize you’ve been off the grid for while when you start getting ‘Are you okay’ messages from international friends because they haven’t heard from you – not even the generalized ‘Flick through Facebook and post a funny meme’ posts.
There are reasons for this, many of them too complex to go through here. But in light of this week being Mental Health Awareness Week, suffice to say many of those complex issues have a great deal to do with my state of mental health.
All writers, I think, suffer from a lack of belief in themselves. Self-doubt plagues us, fear of producing crap is a constant presence, and most of what we do write is dismissed as hopeless by that inner voice that taunts a writer.
And in my case – those persnickety mental health issues just add to the chorus of doom. Why bother writing anything, they ask.

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