Two boys, two dragons, a magic book and an epic adventure!

I have always loved books. From Disney, Little Golden Books, Peter Pan, Puff the Magic Dragon, Redwood, Narnia, Peter Rabbit and many more, my imagination fed on the words of these magical stories.


As an adult, with children of my own, I still love to read stories of magic, adventure and romance. (My writing room is filled with books and trinkets any dragon would be jealous of!)


Wolfbaene is my precious gift to the wonderful world of literature and I truly hope you like it!


2016 will see the release (although a little delayed) of Wolfbaene ~ The Next Quest


Here’s a little snippet of what to expect in book #2! (Unedited)

William made his way to the library, along the corridor and down the narrow staircase. He didn’t like these stairs much at all with the dim light and steep descent, but he loved the place they led him to.


Finally, he arrived at two hefty doors, inscribed with a fire-breathing dragon on each one. He stood and gazed upon the doors for a while, remembering the day he had all of Wolfgang’s wolves removed from every door, shield, and armour – including anywhere his father’s dragons should be. Then he gathered his strength, pushed one open and slipped inside; closing the door behind him.

William still found it profoundly bizarre that he was now living in a medieval castle. He had grown up reading fairytales and although he’d always sensed his eerie affiliation with medieval history, never in his wildest imagination would he have been able to picture the inside of a castle like this. With a curtain wall so solid and towers so high; it was such a grand building of immense authority. He remembered studying the famous Battle of Hastings in 1066 where the Normans defeated the Anglo-Saxons, which only increased his curiosity for both medieval history and childhood fairytales and how the two worlds might once have been entwined. William stood against the door, recalling the college professors taking the boys on a weekend trip to Warwick Castle of Warwick when he was fifteen and he could still remember how in awe he was of the ancient air he was breathing in at that moment in time. At the Warwick Castle he had clearly felt his odd attachment to another life come to his memory’s surface, one he had pushed aside as silly day-dreaming.

But this feeling of odd attachment, at Chermside Castle, was certainly no day-dream. He took a deep breath.

He loved the smell – the smell of books and ancient silence. The air in this old room was cool and still, but William was sure the sunlight which crept through the high leadlight window would warm it up soon. He ran his gaze along the bookshelves and greeted each book briefly, however, there was only one book in particular he had come to see. The Book of Bleak Magic. The book he had carried around in his back-pack for as long as he could remember. The book that had only started to share its contents when he had turned seventeen. The book in which each first born royal with the Gift wrote a spell; a Protection Spell to kill anyone who would try to harm the king or queen.

I look forward to sharing this magical adventure with you!

Mich xx


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