Bring it on 2016. Challenge Accepted!


2015 began with the release of my first attempt at contemporary romance, Infinite Completion, and leaping into the wondrous (but pretty tough) world of independent publishing. I became an indie-author! My gorgeous friends and family pulled together to help with a release party for IC, themed with pink, and we donated part proceeds to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. It didn’t bring me overnight fame or fortune, but with my plans to use Infinite Completion to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer, came many stories of battles won and sadly lost.  I found that my writing, although not quite a Nora Roberts or Shakespeare, might make a tiny difference to someone or at the very least, bring them some pleasure.

So, onto the next book ~ or make that two! I began writing the sequel to IC, from Valentine’s POV. A little risky for me, with his raw guilt and heartbreaking pain making it a very difficult project, but he has a story and I must write it. On the flipside, I delved into the sequel for Wolfbaene ~ The Next Quest ~ the place I like to be when real life and anxiety gets unbearable. Who doesn’t love a talking dragon or the prospect of a magical adventure!?

With a fan base of about ten people, I did a couple of book signings at local cafes and started using my blog and Twitter for a bit of marketing ~ hoping to have these projects ready for publication. But, it became very clear that personal life hurdles would put up a huge barrier and I finally threw down the pen. I had to take time to breathe!

Selling the family home and relocating, along with work commitments, took the bulk of my attention, but when the smoke cleared a holiday came into view. Two weeks cruising through Asia with Mr Dennis and our two daughters ~ just what the doctor ordered! And maybe I’d even start to write again? Not writing actually makes me feel ill, so just the thought of rekindling the fire gave me butterflies.

Two weeks with my gorgeous family, the hustle and bustle of Asian markets, the divine scenery, the food (oh the food!), the culture, and the lazy days up on deck, gave me the boost I needed. My writing juices began to flood th





Only life had other plans. The week after returning from our fabulous holiday, Mr Dennis had a stroke. A stroke!? What in God’s name? Old people have them. Unfit people. Not my  husband! But, there he was in the hospital bed, confused, crippled and not the man I knew. My husband was strong, funny, mischievous and my hero ~ this man was… different. Life turned me upside down. Me ~ and our family and friends. Everyone who ever knew this man. We were all dumbfounded. How? Why? What next? But, this was Mr Dennis, my husband, and he was having none of it! Within the initial week, he was talking and eating. The following two weeks would see him sitting up and standing. Then following on, with intense therapy, he’d be pushing himself around in a wheelchair (hoping to have a cigarette outside!). After two more weeks of intense hospital therapy it was deemed he could come home. Unaided by a wheelchair and showering himself, he’d continue with rehabilitation in the home ~ and we could all breathe again (and who knows, there may be a story I’ll write about this


one d



he cigarettes are gone and my husband is back. He’s my hero even more and I’m all set for any God-damned challenge life can throw at me. I’m back in the writing saddle with a set goal to publish book II of IC, Absolution and book II of Wolfbaene, The Next Quest, in 2016. I also have my WIP, Lost in Somerset on it’s way, with plans to publish this little gem just before Christmas.

Mr Dennis has promised to be “house husband” so I can concentrate on my writing when I’m not at work ~ woo hoo ~ bring it on!



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