Remember The 90’s?


The 90’s began in a whirl of supermodels, oversized t-shirts, crop tops and Keanu Reeves posters. I was dazzled by the barrage of rich kid Beverly Hills television shows, Hip-hop groups and the possibility of the mobile telephone, with a keen image of what my perfect man would be. I was morphing from teenager to young adult with the world at my feet but a little hesitant at exploring.

I didn’t follow fashion trends; much preferring to wear black and melt into the background. Radiohead and Ratcat were favourite bands of mine (remember them?), but I definitely enjoyed all types of music. I read Jane Austen and turn-of-the-century themed novels, preferring to snuggle up on the couch rather than go ‘clubbing’ with friends – imagining the tall, dark, handsome man who’d eventually sweep me off my feet.

Then my world shifted. On a night out with friends, I met a man who stole my heart – and he was nothing like the man I’d imagined. He was trouble with a capital ‘T’ – and yes he became my world, my husband and my hero.

At the age of 30, I looked back on these years and decided I’d write down some memories. These memories eventually transformed into characters which mirrored my experiences and then  developed lives of their own; Abbie Bennet, a well-balanced 20 year old finding it hard to trust in real true love, Valentine Hewitt, a brooding bad boy with the dark past and Zane, a secretive and angelic young man struggling with his identity, especially in the 90’s. I realised I was writing a book and Infinite Completion was born.


Now, almost one year since the release, I’m running a book tour and preparing to release book II ~ Absolution: Valentine’s story.



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Title: Infinite Completion ➜

Author: Michelle Dennis

Genre: contemporary romance

Release Date: Feb 14, 2015

Hosted: ( @MoBPromos

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