Book 2 in the Infinity Series is well underway and planned to release in June. For those who have read Infinite Completion, here’s the cover for Absolution ~ with a snippet.


              *** SPOILER ALERT ***

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* fresh off the press (no edits)

She falls asleep almost as soon as we get into bed, and I’m left alone with my thoughts.

I was on a collision course before Abbie came into my life – I know, that sounds so cliché, but there it is – the truth. It seemed only two things helped me forget; the music and the drugs. Both took me away. Behind a veil, so the blood, the screams and the sounds of glass shattering were blurred beyond recognition. But what goes up must come down, right? And I did – sometimes at the most inconvenient times; like when Tyler was born, or at Mum’s funeral. This just made me feel worse. Worthless.

Then Abbie arrived.

So together. So young. So filled with hopes and dreams, she made my head spin. This terrified the hell out of me. I started looking forward to the morning, just a little bit, as long as she was a part of it. I wanted to be a better dad to Tyler, with real commitment. I began to let the veil go, you know? Let the light in.

But Abbie was like a burst of sunlight that hurts the eyes – she was moving too fast – covering me in unfiltered light – a harsh glow that I just wasn’t ready for. In her light, I couldn’t see Dillan. In her light, I couldn’t see the blood, or hear the screams – and I wasn’t sure I could let that go. I wasn’t ready to ask God for absolution.

Am I ready now? I don’t know.

❤ Valentine



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