Infinite Completion – Michelle Dennis

❤A little snippet ❤ How Abbie met
Breathe! I have to control myself! What on earth am I doing here? I’m not his type! But my heart is already skipping, singing and frolicking through the tulips. Oh God, he’s gorgeous!
He makes his way over to the bar and I try to look relaxed, sipping my drink.
‘Sarah, what is he doing?’ I say.
‘He’s getting a drink. No, make that a few shooters… and he’s walking this way!’ 
‘What?! No, I’m not ready!’ My heart is still dancing around the room. 
I think I might faint.
‘Hi ladies,’ he says. Just like that. Just perfect. His voice is heavenly, really, like one of those voice-overs that sound like they’ve come from a Greek God, only his accent isn’t Greek, I’m sure I can hear a slight Irish burr. To be honest, who cares what nationality he is – he has olive skin and smouldering brown eyes – oh boy. ‘We get free drinks for band members and friends, so these are for you,’ he adds as he places a tray of shooters on the table. He takes off his jacket and hangs it on the back of the chair – he’s staying. 
Holy heavens, he called us friends! My heart is screaming like a silly school girl. I’m trying my hardest not to gawp at the panther stretched across the muscle on his forearm.
He swings the chair around the wrong way and straddles it. ‘It’s Sarah, isn’t it?’ he says, putting his hand out to her. She takes it and grins back at him.  
‘Yeah, and this is Abbie,’ she replies. I kick her foot under the table.
‘Hi, Abbie. I missed you last week.’
Secrets, sunsets and a guy named Valentine – a recipe for heartbreak ❤
Infinite Completion is availble here


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