Infinity Series – Gripping Aussie Romance 

The Infinity Series, in essence, is themed on love and the many layers of it – particularly self-love – and with a diverse contemporary romance composition, this series is sure to have something for everyone.

Infinite Completion – Book I of the Infinity Series, is the telling of a young woman’s first love. Abbie Bennet is a twenty-one year old bookworm, quite happy wither well-balanced life, until she ventures out of her comfort zone wither friends and comes face-to-face with Valentine. This reckless and stormy love affair leaves her completely unbalanced.

Kindle link for Infinite Completion

Absolution – Book II of the Infinity Series, is a gritty and confronting telling of a young man’s battle with depression, loss, love and guilt. Valentine Hewitt is on a collision course. The darkness of tragedy and guilt taints his life, but he wants this darkness; he needs this pain and guilt, so he won’t ever forget.

Now, Abbie has burst into his world with a blinding brightness that threatens to light the dark shadows of his heart and he’s not ready for absolution.

Kindle link for Absolution‬



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