Books Mirrored in Real Life 

When I wrote my Infinity series, it was just a love story that had been bursting inside me. 

Initially, it was my character Sam who was the most prominent voice, as I’d recently lost my brother, and Sam’s larrikin personality lifted my spirits. Although, book one, Infinite Completion, was being told in a serious first person narrative by Abbie Bennet, her brother, Sam, provided some lighthearted relief and introduced me to a social issue I’d never really explored.

Through Sam, I met Patrick and Zane, giving a whole other avenue to Abbie and Valentine’s love story. Set in 1994, when homosexuality was at the peak of discussion; hatred, fear and ignorance being the fuel. During the late 1989’s and early 1990’s Aids was rampant and was dubbed the, “Homo Desease”, and homosexuals were being abused and discriminated against. 

When I wrote my Infinity series, I had no idea the ignorance, fear and hatred for homosexuality would raise its ugly head again. It seems parts of my Infinity series are being played out in current life “issues” and I’m more than glad I took the time to write Abbie’s story. 

My Infinity series is on Amazon Kindle for under $5 

❤ Infinite Completion ~ How Abbie met Valentine

❤Absolution ~ How Valentine loved Abbie

💋 Have an absolutely gorgeous day and please share with your friends! 


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