L. R. Perie ~ The Truth About Jarrod

Local Perth author L. R. Perie is almost ready to release the sequel to her thriller Bringing Laura Home.


The sequel The Truth About Jarrod is available on pre-order.




Renee can’t escape the nightmares of her past experiences, and in a bid to conquer her fears, confronts the violent murderer she suspects holds the key to the whereabouts of her missing friend. She keeps her mission a secret from Luka, who sets off in a quest to initiate her son on his first safari trip down the Zambesi River. Luka has his own perils to overcome as he incurs the wrath of the villagers that reside alongside this river. And, as the drums of the river call for retribution, a powerful bond is formed between man and boy.

In her quest for truth, Renee returns to Australia and is gifted the journals of Jarrod’s lover, Louisa. Through these Renee is transported back in time to a famine ravaged Ireland in the mid 1800’s to learn the truth about Jarrod and his forbidden love for a woman way above his station. Is he villain or hero? All will be revealed as he is shipped to Van Diemen’s Land as a prisoner and, some years later to Australia, as his life is dictated by his passion for the woman he loves… the cause of his survival and his ultimate demise.

This series is rich in history, culture and secrets ~ and an absolute gem!

Get your copy and enjoy

Xx Mich


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