My Year in Review – 2017

As Christmas is almost upon us and the year slips away, we all begin to reflect on our battles and achievements, our losses and our gains, and of course what’s over the horizon.

2017, for me, has been a year of struggle and management – but mostly enlightenment.

Grief played a huge part this year, with the loss of my relationship with my mum, the loss of our handsome cat, the passing of my dad and the passing of two uncles. But, in the shadows of grief, I found family I thought I’d never see again, strength I thought I didn’t have and enlightenment about my childhood, my family and my Self.

I learned a great deal this year. I discovered strong bonds of friendship will last through anything. I learned about mental health, homelessness, self-love and using my voice.

And as I reflect on some wonderful, and not so wonderfull moments in my year, I thank every single person who made the journey with me.

Our eldest daughter went to America with her boyfriend and whilst we watched her adventure from home, we were so very proud of them both for this wonderful achievement. It was a huge few weeks for them and was definitely the trip of a lifetime!

Our gentle giant Monte – RIP

Losing my dad, but finding my family.

Celebrating old and new friendships in our island paradise, Bali.

We welcomed two beautiful little treasures into our lives – our granddaughter Ariana and our poodle Moët.

We stepped up our fitness and community involvement – and boy, was it fun!

My beautiful sister got hitched to the man of her dreams!

I celebrated being an author of three books with a fundraiser during Mental Health week and raised funds and awareness for BeyondBlue, Pink Ribbon and Perth Children’s Hospital. (And I faced my fear of public speaking and won!) – I found my voice and realised I have so many gorgeous people around me.

Our youngest rugrat got her ‘P’ plate license and I suddenly realised I’m getting old!

And so the Christmas antics begin…


2 thoughts on “My Year in Review – 2017

  1. Angie Inkster says:

    Michelle you are a beautiful soul. You always taught me to look on the brighter side of things since before I could walk and talk. As an adult, I look to you for guidance and strength because I know (as I’ve always known) that you’re positivity, courage and strength is inspirational and dependable. How you get on with things in times of struggle is nothing short of admirable. So thank you for being you, yesterday….today….and always.
    Your sis 😘
    Angie Inkster

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